For more than fifteen years, Dan Curtiss has focused on creating excellence in industrial design for soft goods, such as packs, backpacks, luggage, outdoor gear, camera packs, and sewn accessories.  From working with clients who have an entire luxury collection in mind to those who have a single price-driven product for the mass market, Dan Curtiss collaborates with you to add consumer appeal and functional design to your products.

Having traveled extensively to meet with the actual product manufacturers, Dan has considerable experience in seeing how a thoughtful design process can lead to client satisfaction and marketplace success.   Dan brings this to each product and each client.

If you want to work with a professional industrial designer to move your product idea from ‘good to great,’ please get in touch at the above ‘Contact’ link.  All inquiries are confidential.

Dan Curtiss ID, LLC is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
Dan Curtiss Industrial Design - Soft Goods - Luggage - Bags - Accessories
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